Hu2 Wall Stickers Paint Your Walls Cool

'Mickey House''Mickey House'


'New York City''New York City'

As any frugal art collector knows, there is a time and place for indulging in such loftier pursuits, and in the midst of a recession might not be one of them.  The savvy decorator embraces alternatives: Bold design statement with little expenditure is the name of the game, and these ultra hip wall stickers from British designers Hu2 Smart Vinyl Laboratory are just that. Available in several designs in a variety of themes, these vinyl wall stickers can be used on any smooth surface not limited to only walls, but also windows and furniture. When you tire of the design, it can easily be removed without any residue. 

'Hamster Wheel''Hamster Wheel'

'Don't Forget''Don't Forget'


Additionally, they come in a number of background and foreground colors for totally customized stickers. They've also got a tribute collection to Bansky, the ubiquitous British graffiti artist who's spent many years adorning urbanscapes with his often cheeky political artwork; and writeable vinyl stickers you can unleash your own creative genius upon.  You can also send the design team at the Hu2 Smart Vinyl Laboratory a pic of yourself and it will come back as your own portrait sticker.  Fancy!

Your PortraitYour Portrait

Writeable VinylWriteable Vinyl

 Hu2 the Smart Vinyl Laboratory via FreshBump

Aug 7, 2009
by Anonymous

Wall stickers

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