Huge Inflatable Orange Toad Appears In Chinese Park Pond

Orange toad's big, yeah yeah yeah! It's not small, no no no! An enormous orange inflatable toad appeared suddenly in a Beijing park's pond shortly after a giant yellow inflatable duck was swept away in a flood. Coincidence, or merely survival of the fattest?

Maybe both... sporting an inscrutable subtle grin and bulging black eyes, the gargantuan amphibian may herald a paradigm shift in China's love for humongous inflated animals. The fact that Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman is, er, hopping mad over his original art installation being copied all across China without his say-so (and getting all lawyer-y about it) might also have sparked the shift in species.

Perhaps the novelty of having an inflatable rubber ducky up to 20m (66ft) tall bobbing in your local pond has worn off... one might say the trend is running out of steam and is about to fall flat. If you're a manufacturer of enormous animal inflatables, this is bad news indeed!

OK, let's say you ARE a manufacturer of enormous animal inflatables – wouldn't it pay to be proactive in pumping up a brand new trend? Though nobody has stepped up to take responsibility for installing the huge (see that boat by the toad's foot?) orange toad presently gazing out over Beijing's Yuyuan Spring Park, it might not matter. It also might not be long before Shanghai, Chengdu, Hong Kong and other supposed trend-setting cities make the call to get their very own Big Orange Toads. (via Shanghaiist and The Nanfang)