Huge Inflatable Rubber Ducks Now Available Online In China

Rubber duckie, you're so... BIG! Inspired perhaps by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman's 16.5m (54ft) tall inflatable Rubber Duck currently afloat in Hong Kong's Victoria Harbour, Chinese company KK Inflatable is selling similarly sized (and larger!) blow-up ducks online at Taobao. You're going to need a bigger bathtub.

Hofman's, er, daffy art installation is due to leave Hong Kong on June 9th assuming he pays the bill (oof!) and doubtless many fans of the much-larger-than-life bath toy will be left despondent, inconsolable and/or depressed... imagine how Ernie would feel upon experiencing such a devastating loss.

Fear not, friends of our vulcanized feathered friends! If you've got the yuan, then Guangzhou, China-based KK Inflatable has got the fix you're jonesing for and the more yuan you've got, the bigger the fix you'll get.

Relatively small 2m (6.5ft) tall ducks cost a mere 2,800 yuan ($455) but if your duckie-dreams are as large as Florentijn Hofman's, prepare to fork over 118,000 yuan ($19,245). KK Inflatable's ultimate duck – the 20m (66ft) tall emperor of the duck dynasty, as it were – goes for a whopping 149,800 yuan or $24,435 & change. We're talkin' Scrooge McDuck territory here!

Naturally, KK Inflatable stands behind their products... you can't see them but they're there. According to a company spokesperson, purchasers receive a three-year warranty to cover each duck, figuratively speaking. There's no official return policy but one could always try sailing it to Guangzhou.

Should you be a bit duck-phobic, the company produces other jumbo-sized inflatables in the shape of beer cans, fighter jets and Mexican bandits.

Can't decide? Why not all three! We're not sure that KK Inflatable would seriously consider a custom order for a beer-drinking Mexican bandit piloting a fighter jet but hey, if you've got enough yuan good things have a way of happening.

Hesitant potential buyers should be aware that KK Inflatable isn't some fly-by-night quick-sale quack shack. “We have been making giant rubber ducks for many years,” stated Ms. Kuang, a KK Inflatable saleswoman, with obvious pride. “We didn't just start this year.” 

Our guess is that business has ballooned since Florentijn Hofman's duck-deluxe sailed into Hong Kong, however, and presumably not everyone who buys an inflatable 66ft-tall rubber duck is making a crowd-funded production of “Beaks” (cue ominous music & angry quacking).

Sightings have indeed confirmed that multi-story mega-mallards are popping up all over China, boosting both the nation's economy and KK Inflatable's balance sheet.

Last but not least, and just in case you were wondering how to actually blow up one of these enormous blow-up ducks, KK Inflatable also offers air pumps starting at 200yuan (about $30) each. Sorry, they don't sell helium. (via SCMP, Shanghaiist, and