Hulger Low-Energy Light Bulbs Bring Funky Home

Light bulbs are just so blasé. There really is nothing remotely exciting about a bare bulb. In fact, a bare light bulb in the collective consciousness often evokes images of starving artists and stark urbanscapes, often replete with scuttling rats and dripping water of some kind. Not the homiest scene, by far. So, how does one go about transforming those negative associations?

By creating a cool, new low-energy light bulb, that's how.

smarter than your average bulbsmarter than your average bulb

Better known for their cool retro-styled phones , Hulger has embarked on a new project called Plumen. Drawing from the idea of a bird's plumes that serve no real purpose other than simple adornment, Plumen plays with the same themes in giving standard low-energy bulbs a facelift.

Throughout the history of this infamously characterless light-giving device, three basic shapes reign supreme: the Radiator, the Ice Cream Whip, and the classic Tungstenesc varieties. Certainly nothing to boast about or put on display, yet a necessary evil in the quest towards eco-friendliness.

that's twistedthat's twisted

But now there's a twist, quite literally. Hulger is interested in revamping those antiquated forms and shaping them into something much more visually enticing. By transforming these utilitarian pieces into something to be showcased, a newfound appeal is generated to the consumer's artistic sensibilities as well as their morals. They've elongated, stretched, twisted and torqued the classic shape of the light bulb far beyond its practical requirements, adding some verve and sass where there was once stodgy convention.

Currently, Hulger is open to discussion for any manufacturers interested in production for these funky low-energy light bulb alternatives.

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Dec 1, 2007
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So Cool!

This is so cool; I want one!

Feb 10, 2009
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