Human Slingshot: Banshee Bungee

Since I found the Banshee Bungee, I've been undecided as to whether it looks fun or just downright dangerous. Somewhere in between, I think. Unlike traditional bungee that prevents you from accelerating straight into the ground, the Banshee Bungee is designed to heighten your acceleration, albeit in horizontal form. Anchor the bungee down onto a sturdy object that's not directly in your path, pull it back and harpoon yourself forward like a marbel out of a slingshot.

Banshee bungee was created for use with board sports like skim boarding, skating and snowboarding. The device is particularly attractive to skaters and snowboarders who don't have any mountains or huge vert around to provide gravity-based acceleration. Banshee bungee provides a way to get the speed needed to launch tricks and have a productive day in the park. They claim you can get up to 30MPH and 50 feet of air using the system.

 Banshee Bungee starts at $150 for basic bungee kit and is also available in a number of package deals.You can find Banshee Bungees here on Amazon.

While the potential for speed and adrenaline is high, so is the potential for injury and misuse. If this device got into the wrong hands, there could be all kinds of havoc. Check out the video and decide for yourself. Harmless fun or accident begging to happen?

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Mar 19, 2009
by Anonymous

Banshee Bungee

Hi My name is Cooper, I work for Banshee Bungee. Thanks for the post Chris.. There is some other good videos on our site. If anyone has any questions feel free to call us.. 208-284-2701.

May 18, 2009
by Anonymous


Looks like this accessory just adds more danger to already extreme sports. With kids these days being challenged to do outrageously harmful moves, I could easily see it landing them in the hospital, even if it's not misused. I would never let my child have one of these overpriced rubber bands.