Humanistic Humidifier Design Turns Over A New Leaf

Oh, the humidity! The charming design of the Rocca Hybrid Humidifier imitates a bare branched tree in winter while the handy remote hangs like a lonely last leaf. It's a more humanistic humidifier that succeeds by accentuating the form yet still performing the function.

Humidifiers no longer need to be boxy, utilitarian appliances that do their jobs while adding nothing to your home's appeal. At least, not in Japan where most homes (and rooms) are small and appliances have to do double duty as decor. The Rocca Hybrid Humidifier is the perfect example of such a product - it works great and looks even better!

Two sizes are available: a 317mm (12.68 inch) high model with 800ml (about 27 fl oz) water capacity and a larger 372mm (14.88 inch) model that holds 1800ml (about  60.8 fl oz) inside the faux flowerpot base. The bases also contain the ultrasonic vaporizer that sends humidified air out into the room through the vertical "stem" emerging from the base.

The Rocca Hybrid Humidifier comes in your choice of three colors (black, red or white) and costs 9,800 yen (around $) for the smaller size and 12,800 yen (around $) for the larger version at either Rakuten or Amazon Japan. Whatever size or color you choose, your home will definitely rise in the es-steam of others! (via Japan Probe)