Human-Powered Walkie Talkies Keep You In Touch

Imagine this: you're trekking through the Chugach in the middle of January when you become separated from the rest of your group. A squall zeroes in from the distance and suddenly you find yourself engulfed by a whiteout. Not sure which way to go, you hike right into a waist-deep drift.

Cold, disoriented and slightly-panicked you remember that you have a walkie talkie. You call for help from your group. The voice comes back in crackly, inaudible white noise and then fades into nothing. You frantically yell for a repeat, but to no avail: the alkaline batteries in your walkie talkie have frozen and your last chance for communication is vanquished.

It's unfortunate you didn't pack a Wind Up Walkie Talkies. Now you're stuck in snow with no sign of help or reprieve. Prepare for a long, freezing night.

Powered by a manual dynamo, the Wind Up Walkie Talkies eliminate the waste and unpredictability of batteries and ensure that you have communication in a pinch. When fully juiced, you'll get up to an hour and a half of talk time and eight of standby, but just a minute of cranking delivers two minutes of talk and 10 standby, enough to get the help you need. The walkie talkies have a three-kilometer range. Eight channels allow you to easily find a clear one to synch up on.

Though you may never risk life and limb on a high alpine traverse, the Wind Up Walkie Talkies are a great solution for milder adventures like staying in touch with your crew at the local ski hill. They're also a greener alternative to using disposable batteries. Throw one of these in your backpack and stay in contact no matter the situation.

Via: Coolest Gadgets