Humminbird RF35 Fish Finder Watch

Any bass-pro wannabe who's spent an entire afternoon dunking his hook and bobber into the pond only to head home empty-handed knows how important every little fishing advantage can be. Fishing isn't actually fishing unless you catch something; it's standing outside staring at a body of water while getting eaten by mosquitoes and cursing your bad luck.

When it comes to fishing, the right spot can make all the difference, and you can spend weeks of fruitless fishing finding that perfect spot, or you can cheat and employ the help of a fish finder. Fish finders have traditionally been rather bulky devices built with boats in mind, but the Humminbird RF35 Fish Finder Watch puts all the power of a fish finder on your wrist. Simply attach the green remote sonar sensor on your line, cast 'er out and it'll transmit a read-out of all the fish within a 75-foot radius. This way you don't stand around throwing cast after cast when there's not a fish for miles. The watch works for water depths up to 120 feet. So, if you aren't too keen on wasting valuable daylight trying to catch fish that aren't there,  pick up a RF35 at Amazon. (Update: This fishfinder watch is no longer available. Another fishing watch with good reviews is available here.)

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