Hunchback Cat Figurines Chide Computer Users To Stop Slouching

Japan's Bandai made their mark selling video games, tamagotchi digital pets, collectible figurines and more to generations of geeks and geekettes. Now the company wants to help those hopelessly hunched-over users of its products along with poor-postured office workers sit up straight and un-crick their catlike curved necks. Naturally, they're doing this by shaming them via the introduction of eight neko-ze (literally “cat's back”) figurines.

The set is divided into two groups: four hunched-over walking cats and four similarly bent sitting cats. The latter look alarmingly like the feline version of Sad Keanu, or is it Sad Keanu who needs a neko-ze cat to alert him to the sin of poor posture... who can say?

In any case, Bandai hopes that by putting one or more neko-ze cat figurines in and around your workplace, you'll be reminded of your poor posture and make efforts to correct it. One imagines a Sad Keanu figurine sitting atop yuor monitor might be as effective, though he'd certainly be less cute. Or would he??

Bandai is adding extra excitement to the forthcoming neko-ze figurine launch by adding four “secret” cats to the mix. These so-called “reformed” kittehs have ditched their destructive bent-necked ways and now sit pretty, like you (and Sad Keanu) should be sitting.   

Bandai plans to release their new neko-ze figurines on June 24th and if you want to collect the set, well, it's not going to be easy. The main difficulty is that they're “gashapon” figures, meant to be sold in popular coin-operated capsule machines.

We're not statisticians but it'll probably take more than eight cranks of the handle to assemble a complete set. Sure, we said Bandai wanted to help but they're also a business so if you're gonna sit up, be prepared to pay up at the rate of 200 yen (about $2) per crank. (via and GashaPon World)