Hundred Buck A Box Tissue Paper Is Nothing To Sneeze At

At 100,000 yen (about $100) per box, 12-layered ceremonial kimono tissue from Japan's Daishowashikosangyo Co. is not only nothing to sneeze at, it's nothing to sneeze ON. In fact, don't even look at it – just set the box in the center of the executive board room table and hope nobody dares grab a single one of the 288 luxuriously colorful sheets.

A while back we featured Ultra Nose Celebrity tissues, an herbal-infused uber-luxurious tissue paper designed for those blessed with sensitive noses and substantial bank accounts. Priced at $14 per box and sold in two-box packages that force purchasers to lay out $28, Ultra Nose Celebrity was a feather-soft relic of Japan's pre-1990 Bubble Era.

Though Japan's economic bubble has long since popped and given way to stagnation, ridiculously over-the-top products like Ultra Nose Celebrity tissues and 12-layered ceremonial kimono tissues somehow soldier on. The latter totally blows (pun intended) Ultra Nose Celebrity out of the water. In fact, it's far too good for you - it's the ideal holiday gift for the one-percenter who thinks they have everything!

Those with runny noses, deep pockets, and/or snobby bosses to impress are free to fork out the Japanese equivalent of a c-note for a single box of 12-layered ceremonial kimono tissues. Speaking of free, that's what shipping is if you spend more than 3,500 yen. Place your order at the Daishowashikosangyo Co. website and don't try to expense it or you'll end up like George Costanza and his Russian sable hat. (via Yukan News)