Catch The Culprit In The Cause Of Death iPod Game

Cause of Death (COD) is another fantastic text-based role-playing game from Electronic Arts similar to the tune of Surviving High School (SHS), a game that I reviewed some time ago. (In case you missed it, here's the link to the review for that game: Relive High School with the Surviving High School iPod Game).

The big difference between the two is obviously the plot. Since I went crazy over Surviving High School, I immediately pounced upon Cause of Death without any second thoughts.

The Game

So what is Cause of Death about? In the first chapter of the first volume, you get to play in the character of Detective Mal Fallon, an officer who doesn't play by the books if it means getting closer to finding the culprit behind the crime. You're teamed up with Special Agent Natara Williams, who's in a bit of hot water in the bureau where she's from. Together, the both of you set out to solve the case of the Maskmaker before he or she strikes again with murder.

The Maskmaker is a sneaky killer who chooses his victims meticulously and proceeds to kill them by suffocation by way of putting a plaster mask over their faces.

As Mal, you have to ask the right questions, give the right responses, and investigate the crime scenes to get closer to unmasking the Maskmaker. You will also get to play as Natara in some of the chapters, where your main job would be to build a profile about the Maskmaker based on how he chooses his victims and how he kills them. Can you catch the killer?

The Good

Cause of Death is a great game if you're into this type of genre. (I obviously am, hence all the enthusiasm about the game.) The storyline of the first volume of the game is really, really good and it's full of unexpected twists and clever turns all throughout. The end gets specially good and I guarantee that you'll really get into it by then because it's so engaging and the plot just sucks you right in. And just like SHS, you get great value for your initial purchase of the game because it runs like a television series where you'll get to play a new episode or chapter every week without having to pay a cent.

The Bad

Personally, there aren't many bad things I can say about Cause of Death. If you're the type of gamer who wants a lot of arcade action then let me just say that COD probably won't be your cup of tea. Since it's a text-based RPG game, you can expect to have to read a lot of things and pay attention to them because you will get asked about certain details later on.

The Verdict

If you loved Surviving High School and are into text-based adventure role-playing games, then you will love Cause of Death.

You can get Cause of Death for your iPhone or iPod Touch here: iTunes App Store.