Hurry Up For A Chance To Showcase Your Invention On Katie Couric's TV Show!

Katie Couric is looking for all kinds of helpful inventions that will make her audience think: “Why didn’t I think of that?” You’d better hurry up though, the open call for submissions closes on October 14th!

 You'll need to submit your invention through!You'll need to submit your invention through!

The competition is pretty open ended as far as exactly how your invention helps around the house, but anyone with especially helpful inventions guided by a mobile device app are especially encouraged to enter. Some of the examples of new products that would perfectly suit Katie’s show include: “A fridge that does your grocery shopping,” “a calorie counting dinner plate” and “children’s toys that put themselves away when playtime is over.” Long story short, they’re looking for cool stuff in the Kitchen, Cleaning, Tidying Up and Meal Time categories. Maybe it’s time for me to dust off that Robo Mary Poppins that I’ve been tinkering with…


Yes, this is sort of a “flash contest,” but this seemingly random chance for the spotlight would absolutely mean a monumental wave of exposure, support and sales from Katie Couric’s huge fan base that will absorb your demonstration like a sponge. But remember- Quirky and Katie Couric are only open to household-themed/app-based submissions from October 10th, through October 14th. What are you waiting for?! Click here to send in your invention ASAP! Oh, and be sure to tell Katie that the Invention Spot Crew said “Hi” for us when you go live on November 4th! Thanks!