Hustle Your Way In The Burger Bustle Video Game

Burger simulation and time management games are not uncommon in the world of video games. Assemble a burger, cook patties and add different condiments, get them to the customer before they get angry--yep, we've played all that before.

Cue the entry of Burger Bustle, a game that hopes to bring something different to the plate.

The Game

Unlike most simulation games where you play the cook or the start-up business owner who has to do everything himself (or herself), Burgle Bustle puts you in charge of a small team who does the work for you. All you do in the game is supervise them and make them do what they're supposed to do with a click of your mouse.

The game becomes progressively harder as you level up. There are 8 different locations where you'll be setting up shop in and each place is markedly different from one another. Aside from the burger stations, you will also come across sundae stations, sides, fries, and dessert stations to appease the appetites of your customers. Don't make them wait too long or they'll end up leaving your shop in a huff. Earn enough money to make upgrades or hire more employees to help you get the job done.

The Good

Burger Bustle gives the players more of a challenge by switching up the different serving stations with each level up in the game, and that's something that I really like because many other games of the same genre just keep adding upgrades or new areas which don't necessarily add to the complexity of the game. The game also tries to give you a sense of the progress that you're making by showing your position in a leader-board (based on your points) and giving you awards every time you surpass someone else on the board.

The Bad

Burgle Bustle was okay, but that's the thing: it was just okay. It doesn't really differentiate much from all of the other food management games out there except that it makes the job easier for you by giving you a ready team of employees from the get-go. The graphics weren't my thing. They were done all right but they weren't impressive. The sounds were okay but the limited number of soundbites eventually made me opt to listen to some background music instead while I played the game.

The Verdict

Burger Bustle wasn't bad, but it wasn't good either. Play this game when you have nothing else worthwhile to do.

You can download Burger Bustle for your PC here: Amazon.


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