Hut-Hut Kids Rocker Blends With Your Contemporary Style


Everyone has their own style preferences.  Some people like things sleek and contemporary while others enjoy classic and timeless.  If you are one of those ultra modern people, but you have children, their stuff may be getting in the way of your less-than-traditional, minimalist design sense.  Kids have a lot of toys and many of those items do not fit in with a clean, sophisticated look.

Luckily there is the Hut-Hut Kids rocker.  This piece looks nothing like your conventional rocking horse, but appears to be just as much fun, if not more.  It has a unique, modern shape and is decorated with star engravings on the seat.  The original Hut-Hut is constructed in rich materials such as maple, cork and black walnut and the price is fittingly just under $1000.  For the majority of us, this is way out of the toy budget range.  The company though, has just come out with a far less expensive version ($125) made of recycled, sustainable resin that will be available in December and comes in five vivid colors.

Now if only you could make that ever-multiplying collection of stuffed animals look cooler.


Sources: BabyGadget, Kalon Studios