Hydra Gaming Mouse Gets A Bling-Bling Update

Design house Next of Kin have revisited the look of their iconic gaming mouse, the Hydra, by giving it a bling makeover and making sure you know the guy behind the peripheral means business.

The original Hydra mouse was a critical design success for its streamlined looks and the fact that it came with ribbed ventilation fans. That's right, the mouse would actually cool your hand as you played, meaning that if you had the name "Luke" and a penchant for old movies you might just laugh out loud. For the rest of us, such a design meant the ability to keep our palms calm under the most stressful of gaming conditions - getting that last frag or downing that raid boss don't happen without a little blood, sweat and tears, but Next of Kin was determined to minimize at least one of those.

Now, they've taken another pass at their gaming mouse, giving it a shiny new version called the "Luxe Fins" edition. With Luxe Fins they've kept the signature ability to change the weight of the mouse, this time in the form of a removable 24k gold-plated band. They've also added new and improved fins that allow better airflow and cooling, meaning that those will excessive gaming nervousness will be well taken care of.

Will you see the Luxe Fins at your local electronics store? Not likely, and if you did, it would be under heavy lock and key. Still, the world of gaming peripherals is becoming big business, and for good reason - computer warriors are willing to pay for gadgetry that makes them better in a virtual fight, and aren't above the desire for a little bling every now and then.

Source: Yanko Design