The HydraBob Scuba Scooter Isn't Nearly As Cool As It Sounds

What could possibly be cooler than an underwater scooter designed to let you cover more ground on your scuba adventure? How about an underwater scooter designed to let you cover more ground on your scuba adventure that doesn't make you look like a huge tool.


The Hydrabob qualifies for the first, but not the second. Designed to open scuba-type escapades up to the unskilled, untrained masses (you don't even need to know how to swim), the HydroBob eliminates the typical scuba suit and air tanks used by actual divers and replaces them with a huge, queer device with an air helmet, seat and air tank. The Bob stands for Breathing Observation Bubble. The HydroBob then manuevers you around underwater by means of a thruster, presumably at a sloth-like pace. On the bright side, it only costs $25/hour.

You can't buy your own HydroBob, but will have to settle for renting one at the Hydrodome in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. In a pool. Sometimes with robotic fish. I thought this thing couldn't get any lamer, but taking the ocean away from the poor-man's-scuba equation does make it significantly lamer. 

Part of the reason I'm so cynical about this device is because the last thing I saw that could be called a scuba scooter was the Scubacraft SC3. While that device required scuba training and wasn't exactly a competitor to the HydroBob, it was about five million times as awesome in speed, looks and overall 'it' factor. The HydroBob withers in comparison. 

Decide if you agree (it's hard not to, really) by watching it in action: 

If the HydraBon does not sound like it's quite what you are looking for, I think you may like the Orb Helmet which could make  scuba diving a completely different and better experience. So go check it ou!