Hydro Flask's Vacuum Insulated Technology Keeps Your Hots Hot and Your Colds Cold

Thermoses have been using vacuum insulated technology since the 1890s to keep your beverages the temperature at which they're meant to be consumed. However, as with anything, someone will eventually do it better, and Hydro Flask is the "do it better" product of the thermos world.

Hydro Flask will keep your coffee or tea hot for up to 6 hours. It will keep your cold milk, beer, iced coffee or tea, etc. cold for up to 24 hours. You want to sip on your iced coffee while you're at work? Hydro Flask will keep those ice cubes swimming without melting for hours and hours. 

Hydro FlaskHydro Flask

Since 2009

Hydro Flask established Bend, Oregon as its home base in 2009, and that's the year they introduced the first all-insulated bottle line-up into the market. By 2011, they had reached 1 million sales, and they expanded their product line that year to include growlers and other containers for beer. Sales continued to increase, and earlier this year, they expanded into Europe. 

The Hydro Flask team live the lifestyle for which their products are intended to serve--they meet for morning hikes, have a plethora of outdoor gatherings and like to enjoy the view from "the Cone" with a cup of joe. The team pride themselves on product innovation. From insulated caps to the lightest insulated bottles on the market, they constantly strive to give customers great products and great service.

Hydro Flask With FriendsHydro Flask With Friends


Each Hydro Flask bottle, growler or container employs TempShield technology. TempShield is the double-wall, vacuum insulated technology that preserves the temperature of a drink. This technology also eliminates the need for a bottom cap to seal the flask, which means less weight. By implementing TempShield technology, all Hydro Flask bottles are made lighter. In fact, Hydro Flask bottles are the lightest on the market. 

All Hydro Flask bottles are made with 18/8 pro-grade stainless steel, which is not only recognized for its strength but its purity. This means that you get a durable product that protects against flavor transfer--you know, when your coffee tastes like last night's beer. 

Hydro Flask Holds Hot Or Cold BeveragesHydro Flask Holds Hot Or Cold Beverages

As I mentioned, Hydro Flask offers a number of different bottles. You can get water bottles, coffee and tea thermoses, beer growlers and food containers. All of the containers come in different sizes and colors to suit your needs. You can find Hydro Flask products online on the Hydro Flask site or on Amazon

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