Hydro Hammock Doubles As A Hot Tub

Hammocks are fun and relaxing, and so are hot tubs.

What would you say if you could have both in one?

Well, you can now, thanks to Benjamin H. Frederick.

The inventor form Ashland, Oregon, has developed the Hydro Hammock, a first of its kind in every right.

“This is not only more comfortable then an iron or fiberglass bathtub but it is also far more efficient,” explains Frederick. (1)

He adds, “This will be fit in many people's homes and then they can take it to the back garden, camping or wherever they are on holiday.” (2)

The Hydro Hammock Is A Hot Invention

This invention works as a hammock and hot tub in one and it is equipped with a portable hot tub liner to protect from the snow or sand.

Its water heater system seamlessly heats pressure from any source: streams, lakes and the ocean. The Hydro Hammock also comes with a pump for your water source.

In about half an hour the Hydro Hammock’s heating system, a portable unit that runs on natural gas, heats water to a very warm temperature. And you can get the water to the hottest temps that suits your body’s needs. The portable water heating system will supply you with hours of hot water and even better is that you can even charge up your mobile devices through its attached dual USB flash drive.  

This new cutting-edge hammock can easily hold two people (three if they are all on the lighter side) and it can retain up to 50 gallons of water.

It is made from “high-tensile, marine quality, and sealed material” that retains water.

Its water heater system also works as an outdoor shower through a base and strainer: one may take a shower for a couple of hours with using less than three gallons of water.

The Hydro Hammock comes with set-up straps, cam jams, carabiners and a manual on how to put it all together. You can connect it to trees or backyard deck poles – whatever you fancy.

Stay Warm Outdoors In The Winter

The Hydro Hammock is great for serenity, wellness and yes even romance during the winter months.

It is perfect as well for use during all seasons and you can adjust the water temps to your liking.

This is a truly a clever patent pending invention – an original hammock hot tub.

Is the Hydro Hammock pricey? Not at all: it retails for only $360.00 (USD). The water pump and heating system is sold separately. So, when you end up purchasing everything the cost will run you around $1500.00. This is still affordable for outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy the winter months.

While the cooler temps are moving in, you might want to get the Hydro Hammock, so you can relax, snooze, and even take a shower.

So, when are you getting wet this winter?

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