Hydrobike Takes Cycling To The Water

Riding HydrobikeRiding Hydrobike

If you're a water sports enthusiast, or if you just like to enjoy time drifting on the lake, you'll want to check out the Hydrobike. This water vehicle is a cross between a bike and a pontoon boat, and not only will it give you a fun way to enjoy the open water, it will also give you a good workout.

A lot of camps and resorts have Hydrobike rentals, so you don't necessarily have to buy one to enjoy the ride. In fact, the Hydrobike is the world's best selling premier water bike. If, by the end of this article, you decide you may want one of your own, you could always find a rental spot near you to try it out first. You could also check out the YouTube video below to see how it works. 

The Hydrobike is propeller driven, so it can reach some good speeds. You won't get the same speeds on a paddle boat. It's state-of-the-art propeller and impulsion system enables this watercraft to be the fastest and most efficient water bike around. 

It is also a sturdy ride. It is lightweight but can float while supporting up to 400 pounds. A leader in the canoe industry designed the Hydrobike's two floats, so that it not only floats with ease, but it is nearly impossible to tip over. It is so safe and sturdy that you can use the bike as a dive platform. 


As I mentioned, the Hydrobike is a great way to enjoy the water while getting in a good leg workout. You can paddle around the lake, and then when you're done, just dive in and enjoy the water. You can also enjoy Hydrobike with the family. The Funwatercraft company makes a two seater, and kids can safely ride on the bike's support bars. 

Hydrobike is also quiet, making it an excellent vessel for trolling. Fishermen can use Hydrobike to get close to the shore. It handles very well in shallow waters. 

Like I said, you can always check out a local resort or park to rent a Hydrobike and try it out. Or if you have your own pond or lake, the Hydrobike would be an excellent buy. Check out the Hydrobike website for more information, including how to buy one.