Hydrogen Hybrid Powered Vehicles May Be in the Future for BMW

Our Bavarian Engineers have been working hard on developing their alternative fuel lineup over the past few years. Now, it seems as though BMW will be looking to hydrogen to help power their future clean fleet.

1-Series Rear Drive Powertrain1-Series Rear Drive Powertrain

The details currently available are somewhat limited, but we do know that the drivetrain will consist of a hydrogen fuel cell that will be responsible for powering a larger electric motor and a traditional internal combustion engine. The electric motor and fuel cell will provide thrust to the rear wheels at lower speeds, while the petroleum engine will pick up the slack when more power is needed and crank the front wheels. Both of the engines are able run simultaneously if quick acceleration is needed.

BMW is currently testing the prototype on a modified 1-Series, meaning we could eventually see the new powerplant paired with the rumored front wheel drive model. The Mini lineup would also be a likely candidate assuming the testing goes well.

1-Series Drivetrain Diagram1-Series Drivetrain Diagram

BMW has also said introduction of the new drivetrain would rely on the availability of hydrogen fuel pumps to the average consumer.

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