Hydrogen May Make its Way Into Formula Racing

Since Hydrogen power is becoming more widely accepted, more and more people are looking toward the future and seeing racing events, even Formula 1, using the clean burning fuel. At the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), they have already developed a Hydrogen powered race car, and they are hoping to make it into the record books.

The design for the vehicle is focused more on the weight and shape, rather than the propulsion system due to the racing being limited to just over 100pmh as per the record requirements. By keeping the weight down and drag to a minimum, the acceleration should be enough to keep the "Formula H" in front of the competition.

The engine they decided to use is a small motorcycle engine that will make more than enough power for the race and will keep the weight down.

The hydrogen based race will not only offer a glimpse of what could possibly be the future of racing, but it will also serve a way to spread the feasibility of hydrogen. Individuals from several race series have expressed interest in a cleaner races and more efficiently built cars.

Currently, 2 Hydrogen Race Series have been proposed, while another "Green" race series will allow for more than one type of clean technology.

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