The HyGreen System Aims To Dramatically Reduce Infection In Hospitals


Here is a health gadget that could really make a huge impact. The HyGreen by Xhale is a device that detects alcohol-based cleansers that are used in hospitals.  To ensure that hands are properly cleansed  between patients, hospital staff hold their soapy hands under the HyGreen sensor and the gadget will clear the worker to move on to the next patient.  The device sends a signal to the corresponding badge worn by the hospital worker and shows a message that the worker has been cleared. 



Monitors by patients' beds also search for information about attending hospital workers and if there is no message that the worker has been cleared by the HyGreen system then the badge worn by the staff member will buzz to remind him/her to sanitize before attending to the patient.



HyGreen is a pretty amazing system with some pretty amazing results.  It has already been tested in some hospitals including a five month run at the University of Florida’s medical center where the rates of infection plunged to zero.