HYmini Wind and Solar Charger Combo Puts the GO in Going Green

The HYmini answers the question many of us have been asking for some time now: why can't wind power be harnessed on a personal basis by runners or bikers?

Think about it... you're riding your bike or jogging along with the wind in your face. You're listening to your MP3 player when - uh oh - the battery runs out. What a shame you can't wring a few extra electrons out of the breeze. Now with HYmini, you can!

HYmini is a stylish, portable wind turbine that is amazingly versatile, saving up green electricity and dishing it out to 5V devices as required. It comes with a variety of connectors and can be mounted to your bike or your arm. Wouldn't it be the ultimate in geekiness to be seen jogging with a mini wind turbine strapped to your bicep?


HYmini comes in your choice of green, black or white and includes a "1200 mAh built-in Lithium Ion Polymer rechargeable battery power bank". The battery stores both wind-generated power and also solar power generated by miniSOLAR, a small self-contained solar panel included in the main HYmini package but also sold separately.


It's possible to connect up to 4 miniSOLAR panels in parallel with the HYmini (and its battery bank) at the end, sucking up & storing that free green sun-juice. Oh yeah! You can even charge the battery through a wall plug using the included AC adapter but that would just be wrong, dude.

Also wrong is hanging the HYmini out your car window - according to GadgetReview this is illegal in most states. Also, the HYmini's turbine produces power in wind speeds from 9mph to 40mph. It'll spin faster but you won't get any more power out of it. It's not nice to cheat Mother Nature, it would seem. Here's GR's video review of the HYmini for your viewing enjoyment:

One notable drawback of the HYmini mentioned by GadgetReview's testers is that it's not compatible with either the iPod Shuffle or even worse, the iPhone. Non-Shuffle iPods are OK though, as they connect via the HYmini's included USB connector. On the other hand, one commenter disputes this, stating the  "iPhone is designed to switch from 12V to 5V power source for recharging when it is plugged to the computer/laptop." 

Check out all the details at the HYmini website, which is in Japanese but features lots of pictures and a cool video of HYmini accompanied by even cooler music.

Apr 19, 2009
by Anonymous

thats good

but what about pedal power?