Hyundai Bringing New iFlow Concept to Geneva…Promising New Style for 2012

With Geneva quickly approaching, automakers are beginning to build the hype surrounding their upcoming reveals. This time it is Hyundai who has cracked the lid on their next concept and it looks as though production is only a short time away.

The concept, currently being called i-Flow, is the product of Hyundai's European design studio and features what is being called a "fluidic sculpture." The roof has been equipped with a photovoltaic array to provide some additional power for the on board batteries, and also allow as much natural light to enter the vehicle as possible.

According to Hyundai, the i-Flow is a glimpse of the styling future for some of their vehicle lineup, with the likely candidate being the Sonata. They have not said if or when such a styling change would take place, but current projections put it sometime around 2012.

Additional details should be available following the reveal in Geneva.

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Dec 18, 2011
by Anonymous

Geneva at malik salim gurezi

Lukng nd watng 4 latest inv expct much more in 2012