Hyundai Developing More Efficient 8-Speed Transmission

The gears in your transmission serve as more than a means of getting power to the pavement. Depending on which gear you are using, they can work to multiply the amount of torque available or they can greatly reduce the workload on your engine and reduce the amount of fuel used over a certain period. Using this knowledge, Hyundai is working on a more efficient transmission with some extra gears for when you really need them.

Of course, they aren't the first to go down this road, as Lexus is already using 8-speed transmissions in the LS. This won't stop Hyundai from moving forward with the development of their own 8-speed automatic tranny though.

The announcement from the chief of powertrain development, Park Seong-Hyun, puts the automaker on equal terms with names such as BMW and Mercedes-Benz. Although he was more than willing to take about a 2010 release date, he was careful not to give up too much information regarding the platform it will debut on.

The gearbox will be designed and assembled by Hyundai Powertech, Hyundai's performance and R&D section.

Motor Authority