Hyundai Launches World's First LPI HEV Into Production

A few months back, Kia unveiled their LPI (Liquid Petroleum Injected) Hybrid Electric Vehicle at the Seoul Motor Show, while others remained occupied with Diesel/Petroleum Electrics. Now, Hyundai has decided to join the LPI race and unleash a new LPI HEV version of the Elantra.

Power for the Elantra LPI come from a very familiar 1.6 liter inline four engine optimized for LPI. Running alongside the 1.6L is a 20 horsepower electric motor that can either be used to boost the available power when needed or move the vehicle independently. According to Hyundai, the combined fuel economy of the Elantra LPI will be listed as 41.9 miles per gallon, which could equate to a savings of $1,100 annually from someone who drives about 12,000 miles per year.

To help you reach just less than 42mpg, Hyundai has included an "Eco-Guide" system that will provide feedback via the gauge cluster. The system will offer guidance, depending on your driving habits and environment, which will train you to drive more efficiently. This will most likely also include information from the regenerative braking system as well.

The new Elantra will also make use of an engine shut off system when waiting at stop lights or in heavy traffic. A new "Eco-Drive" function has made its way into the standard feature list, which will reduce fluctuations in torque by relying more heavily on the electric motor assist.

Hyundai is hoping to move about 7,500 of the LPI Elantras in 2010; however they are not currently planning on offering a North American version.

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