Hyundai's New Hybrid Uses Recycled Plastics to Reach Highest Level of Eco-Friendliness

A recent movement by Hyundai, called "Eco-Dynamics," has propelled the automaker into new research and development in the hybrid realm. After recently launching the new Forte LPI Hybrid, Hyundai now plans on delivering another new alternative energy vehicle to the market.

The Blue-Will Concept, set to debut today at the Seoul Motor Show, will be powered by a 1.6 liter gasoline engine that is connected to a CVT transmission. The drive system will also be utilizing a 100Kw electric motor that can either be used to fully power the Blue-Will concept or to boost the gasoline engine.

The panoramic roof, while allowing passengers to enjoy the view, will also feature a system of integrated solar panels that will help to charge the Lithium-Ion battery packs used to power the electric motor. Interestingly enough, the whole system works without obstructing the view from inside the vehicle.

While the drivetrain provides some serious Green Points, the assembly of the vehicle itself is also very eco-friendly. Man of the plastics used to mold the interior pieces and even some of the exterior pieces were created using recycled bottles and other plastics derived from plant extracts.
Additional details should be available sometime within the next few days.


Apr 2, 2009
by Anonymous



You've got Hyunda and Kia mixed up. Hyunda has nothing to do with the Forte.

Apr 22, 2009
by Anonymous

The Forte LPI Hybrid is form

The Forte LPI Hybrid is form KIA
only The Blue-Will (picture shown above) is Hyundai's