I Brake For Elves: The Top 10 Innovative New Holiday Gift Ideas For Car Lovers

The holidays are almost here yet you're still scouring the 'net, trying to find those innovative gifts guaranteed to please your car-lovin' friends, family members and co-workers.

Well stop that scouring (you're scratching up my monitor), we've come up with 10 innovative new holiday gift ideas that should satisfy the most jaded car lover.

10) Hero Hug Seatbelt Covers

Fiat, DC Comics and Leo Burnett Brazil bring us “Hero Hug” seatbelt covers featuring Justice League superheroes Batman, Wonder Woman and The Flash. The cool covers encourage kids to embrace road safety and although initially only avalable from Fiat dealers, should soon be available at other retail outlets. (innovative new automotive gift idea image via Branding Magazine)

9) Heat-Sensitive Paint Job

Better make sure the car-lover you get THIS gift for doesn't mind fingerprints on their ride, 'cause once the neighborhood kids get their hands on it, they'll keep doing so 'til the novelty (and possibly the heat-sensitive paint) wears off. Credit AutoKandy with providing this startling new auto paint. (innovative new automotive gift idea image via Freshness)

8) The Katherine Hawkins Ford Focus Necklace

Katherine Hawkins may not know how to drive but that didn't stop Ford UK from requesting she create a unique item of jewelry using assorted Ford Focus parts. While the commissioned necklace is a one-off, no doubt Hawkins has been inspired to create other automotive-themed jewelry at her Crème Nouveau business in St Columb Major, Cornwall, UK. (innovative new automotive gift idea image via Western Morning News)

7) Rear Window Wiper Moving Cat Tail Decal

Hey, even that crazy cat lady with 68 cats living in a van down by the river needs love, not to mention a holiday gift. Assuming said van has a working rear window wiper, the Rear Window Wiper Moving Cat Tail Decal is purr-fectly ideal! The set includes one happy and one “extra grumpy” cat decal plus 4 tails. (innovative new automotive gift idea image via Amazon)

6) 2CV Cabinet

Credit Jeroen Wesselink of the Netherlands with conceiving this curious curio cabinet featuring twin doors recycled from a scrapped Citroën 2CV cars. The much-loved French ultra-economy car was made from 1948 through 1990, impressing itself upon multiple generations of car-driving Europeans. (innovative new automotive gift idea image via DesignSpotter)

5) Rilakkuma Alloy Wheels

Some folks are obsessed with Rilakkuma, Japan's insanely popular “relaxing bear” character, and that's just how they roll. Mind you, they'd roll that much better rockin' a set of Rilakkuma alloy wheel rims from MLJ. (innovative new automotive gift idea image via MLJ)

4) Mustache Car Decal

The Mustache Car Decal from Urban Decal gives a whole new meaning to Mustache Rides! These durable, high-quality, easily removable & re-attachable vinyl decals come in hot pink if basic black's a tad too somber for your suave sedan. (innovative new automotive gift idea image via Urban Decal at Amazon.com)

3) Batmobile Cookie Jar

To the cookie jar! This stylish & stylin' Batmobile Cookie Jar belongs on your kitchen counter, not secreted away in some dreary batcave. The 12" x 5-1/2" x 3" (30.5cm x 14cm x 7.6cm) ceramic cookie jar sports hand-painted details and is priced so appealingly even non-Bruce Wayne types can afford one. (innovative new automotive gift idea image via Amazon)

2) Orangatang Poke Rims

Orangatang Poke Rims by Texan Wire Wheels give your 21st century chariot a Ben Hur vibe while forcing drivers on the road or in the parking lot to keep their distance. These jaw-dropping elbows, giraffe-necks, swangas or what have you sure do look illegal so get advice from your local DOT before putting out three grand or so for a set of four. (innovative new automotive gift idea image via FANCY

1) LEGO Creator Volkswagen T1 Camper Van

Who sez LEGO's just for kids? Not LEGO, for one, since their 1,322-piece Volkswagen T1 Camper Van kit is clearly marked for ages 16 and up. Never mind that, there's no reason why building this iconic plastic-brick replica of a 1962 VW microbus shouldn't be a family affair, amiright? (innovative new automotive gift idea image above via Amazon, at top via The Official TrueCar Blog)

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