i-Tattoo Electronic Temporary Tattoo Pen For Your Little Rebels


Love the look of tattoos, but not fond of the pain and commitment that come with it?  Have a little one in your life who would love a step up from temporary tattoo stickers?

The i-Tattoo Electronic Tattoo Pen by SpinMaster is a tattoo pen so easy a child can use it, but without the permanence or dangers of contracting HIV and/or hepatitis.

As a mother with a penchant for all things badass, I don't understand how I don't own this product yet.

There’s nothing quite like that "hurts so good" feel of getting stabbed by several needles at the same time.  While inflicting that kind of pain on a kid would be considered child abuse, the i-Tattoo Electronic Tattoo Pen utilizes a vibrating pen to give your child all the whimsy of making (awesomely) bad decisions.

Don't know what you want to get inked?  Don't worry.  Instead of browsing the walls inside of tattoo parlors or making a terrible last-minute decision, the i-Tattoo Electronic Tattoo Pen comes packed with 30 easy to use sticker stencils (that include all the classics such as an anchor, skull, mermaid, spider, and some flames) that make choosing and creating a perfect design child’s play.  There is even a tattoo refill kit that comes with 20 additional stencils and three more markers that you can purchase in addition if you start running low.  There’s also the option to practice free-handing for all the future tattoo artists.

Did your kiddo tat their crush's name on their body and now they're on the outs?  No worries.  The i-Tattoo Electronic Tattoo Pen provides three safe, washable, non-toxic tattoo markers in dark brown, blue, and red.  A little soap and water can wash away the memory of a play date gone sour.


With a solid 4 star rating from customers and a $75.00 price tag, this tattoo gun is perfect for the tiny rebel in your life.

Snag the i-Tattoo Electronic Tattoo Pen here. (Update: The tattoo pen is no longer on the market. But you can still have professional looking temporary tattoos with this cool tattoo pen.)