I Tradizionali: Foodie Business Creates Visual Recipes On Temporary Tattoos

Some of the most innovative business concepts cross the boundaries of love and hate - some i Tradizionalii Tradizionaliconsumers will readily embrace them and share their excitement with others, while other people will rebel against it disdainfully because it deviates too far from the traditional. In either circumstance, a business knows it's doing something truly unique when it elicits such strong reactions, and this new culinary business is one that will surely fall into this category once consumer awareness increases.

I Tradizionali's name says it all, as it takes a very traditional concept and revolutionizes it while embracing the modern traditions of the tattoo culture all at once. The company's idea takes a more literal approach to that old "rolling up your sleeves in the kitchen" thing by creating recipes on temporary tattoos designed to be worn on your forearms while cooking. The look obtained from wearing the tattoos is also meant to contrast the typically clean-cut appearance of those in the culinary world.

i Tradizionali Tattooi Tradizionali Tattoo

The recipes themselves are presented in a new form - with images outlining ingredients and the quantities required rather than traditional written directives. This approach is great for people that can commit things to memory better with visual images, and they look more like actual tattoos when the recipes have been placed on the forearms of a household's culinary genius.

When you buy the I Tradizionali tattoos, you select from the thematic packages which contain the transfers, as well as a more comprehensive list of ingredients/directions that you can review beforehand. Each package has four recipes in total, and consumers can select between the basic or specialized options. The latter offers recipes that people often gravitate to for holidays like Christmas or Easter, or for those with special dietary requirements.

i Tradizionali Thematic Packagei Tradizionali Thematic Package

If you're eco-conscious, you'll also be happy to learn that the package containing everything you need is made from Crush ecologic papers. 

The idea has been embraced for its innovation, and has even won a design competition. But the real test is in the kitchen - so chefs, what do you think of this idea?

Via: TrendsNow