Baby Got Back...The Easy Way: Introducing The Booty Pop Panty

I am not a baby that's got back. Whenever Sir Mix-a-Lot's song pops on the radio, I jam out, shaking the sad excuse of a booty I have. I also don't have time to boost this booty with squats, so I fit right into the target market for Booty Pop Panties. There is an easy way to get the butt you have always wanted without having to work out anything but your credit card.

The Booty Pop Panty is padded underwear that helps you go from flat to fab. Right now, you may be a sad, shy girl with no butt, but in an instant with this underwear you can by a flirty, fun woman with the wind in your hair. Apparently, a lollipop will materialize in front of you, as well. Really, what's not to love?

 Founders Susan Bloomstone and Lisa Riesler created the underwear after reading about the dramatic increase in buttock implants. Booty Pop Panties are meant to make women of all ages feel great without the risk of cosmetic surgery. They come in plenty of colors and patterns to make everyone happy. The company even includes a warning label that they are not held responsible for the extra attention men will give you, which is quite considerate of them.

 At the end of the day, you should do and wear what feels right for you, and if that's sitting on a bouncy cloud of stuffing sown into your underwear, go for it. While the Booty Pop line is the same idea as a push-up bra, I'm not sure I can justify the purchase to my conscience, even if it is an easy way to get a better booty. 

If you want to be a baby with back (the easy way) and show off a booty that pops, you can shop here on their website or save by shopping on Amazon here.

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