I Am Saint Nick Launches Personal Santa Service

Through annual letters to Santa, the young and old alike divulge their biggest secrets; they reveal what it is that they'd truly like for Christmas. Until this year, we normal people haven't been privy to this classified information, but now I Am Saint Nick makes it possible.












So many of us wrack our brains and scramble from store to store trying to find the perfect gift for that impossible to buy for person and never really learn if our choice met their desires. It's hard to avoid "badgifting"; a term coined by I Am Saint Nick to describe the gifts we give that the recipient neither wants nor likes, when our friends and family won't reveal what they'd like to receive. The thought may count for something, but don't we know better than to believe that line?

















I Am Saint Nick can ensure you know exactly what your loved one ACTUALLY wants by asking them directly. Consumers looking for help strictly have to register on the site, and include the name and contact number for their gift recipient. Posing as the jolly old elf himself, they will keep your identity anonymous and record the conversation.









Once they have accomplished their mission, users can listen to the audio recording by logging into the website, or receive an email notification so they can dash out to the store and purchase the perfect gift.

If I Am Saint Nick charged for their services, I would be tempted to encourage you to suck up your pride and ask yourself; but its fun; it's free, and it's full of Christmas spirit.