I Am A Stuffed Animal: Go Ahead And Get Stuffed!

At some point in time you've probably thought about telling your dad to get stuffed. Well, that has never exactly been a cool thing to do on Father's Day, at least until now that you can make it a gift!

I am a Stuffed AnimalI am a Stuffed Animal

For the dad who really has everything, you can buy your Father's Day gift from a unique business concept called I am a Stuffed Animal. This company produces custom stuffed animals of people in caricature form! Dad will probably get a kick out of a stuffed toy in his likeness (that or it will be Chucky all over again) to honor him. All you need to do is send this company a photo, and they'll send back a funky toy that looks just like dear old dad.

Personalized Stuffed AnimalPersonalized Stuffed Animal

Creepy or cool?

Aug 16, 2010
by Anonymous

Review of Iamastuffedanimal.com

Review of Iamastuffedanimal.com

Buyer Beware: Iamastuffedanimal.com Co-Founder states "Artwork Highly Subjective".

Iamastuffedanimal.com advertises "Get a Buddy of You". "Have you ever wanted a stuffed animal in your cartoony likeness?"

Most of Iamastuffedanimal.com's customers are satisfied with their buddies. But if you happen to be one of their customers who believe the buddy does not clearly represent the likeness of the person, the company does not provided edits, changes or refunds. You risk being left holding a buddy that doesn't look like anyone you know and be out $69.00 plus $8.00 shipping.

We recently received a buddy we ordered as a unique birthday gift for my brother-in-law who is a airline captain. I completed the online request accurately, paid immediately using PayPal and sent an e-mail confirming the order with three pictures.

My husband, artist mother-in-law and I are quite disappointed as the buddy only has a slight resemblance to him. Only the mouth and eyes match. The hair and eyebrows are the wrong color and the jaw and nose don't match. There is a section that is overstuffed, distorting the buddy.

In response to our concerns, Chrissie from iamastuffedanimal.com wrote us stating "Unfortunately, because the artwork is 100% custom and highly subjective, a lot of the time customers love their buddies, but sometimes they don't. Due to this subjectivity, we don't offer "edits" or changes to existing orders, although you can always order another buddy with suggested changes, should you wish."

So why would she suggest we "order another buddy with suggested changes" if there was no room for improvement? And how can she guarantee a more accurate buddy?

Drew, co-founder of Iamastuffedanimal.com wrote us stating "The vast majority of our customers are satisfied with their buddies, but unfortunately, some are not. As you can imagine, you're not the first customer we've had this type of communication with, and I'm sure you won't be the last. The reality of it is that in our business, the perceived quality of the finished product comes down to a very subjective opinion." In another e-mail he wrote, "with a product that is based on artist interpretation and re-creation, judgment of the quality is inherently subjective". He also stated "In your specific case, it looks like a difference of opinion on the quality of the art, which is something we hope you'll respect."

Well, I don't think my brother-in-law will respect a company who created a buddy that barely resembles him.

I responded to Chrissie and Drew by asking them if they would place an order with their company knowing they may not get what they paid ($69.00) for? Neither of them responded to this question.

If they are not able to produce an accurate likeness consistently, they aught not be in business.

Buyer beware.

Jan 9, 2011
by Anonymous

Buyer beware

Looked nothing like the person it was for, misspelled the name on the doll, did not put glasses on the doll when asked specifically to do so, holes in the face of the doll. Poor quality!! And of course, they won't do anything about it. They should truly be embarrassed.

Feb 16, 2011
by Anonymous

Buyer Beware Iamastuffedanimal.com

After promising the order would be processed in 4-6 weeks, six weeks went by without receiving my order. I sent an e-mail asking for a status update. I received an e-mail stating that the had "lost" the pictures I sent, even though they processed the payment. The e-mail actually stated that it's "no big deal." Clearly, to them, it sure isn't.

I resent the pictures, waited an additional six weeks, and the buddy arrived. The company did not make the buddy to the specifications in the order, and there are additional letters and numbers on the fabric. The buddy barely looks like the pictures I sent, and the hair is a completely different color. What a rip-off. I was planning on giving this item as a gift, but instead, it will go in the trash. Save your money, shop anywhere but here.

Aug 9, 2011
by Anonymous

just ok

I placed an order and for some reason the payment the pymt didn't go through, so I waited weeks thinking i placed the order. The 2nd time I tried to place an order I never got any sort of email confirmation so had no idea if it was coming or not. The web site is garbage and really needs to be fixed.
When the doll came, the back half was not aligned with the front half so it looked pretty silly. Also the little tag was not sowed in properly and hanging on by a thread (literally).
The hat that my hubby wear looked more like a bandanna (which he hates bandannas). So he looks like some sort of biker!
I asked for a fred perry logo on his hat which they never added so I had to paint it on myself!
Wish I would have read the reviews!!!!!!