I Can Has Cheeseburger To Wrap My Gifts

Other than different pretty patterns, reversible paper, and coordinating gift tags, little has changed when it comes to wrapping paper over the years. There is something new out there that is clever and whimsical withCheeseburger Gift Wrap Set by Gift CoutureCheeseburger Gift Wrap Set by Gift Couture a dash of American food obsession. The five different papers make up the ingredients of a classic cheeseburger.

The best use of the paper is for giving multiple gifts to the same person, so you may need to make it a family or office-wide project. You could also just wrap a bunch of similar boxes and have the gift in just one -- fun for you, torture for them. To give them you have them stacked in order to resemble a finished cheeseburger.

The paper is great for gifts for foodies, chefs, and burger-holics. You can leave out the cheese layer if the recipient is trying to cut back on cholesterol. The paper is probably not the best gift wrap for vegetarians unless we go back to that torture thing.

A gift card to the recipient's favorite burger joint would also make a great gift tag. Instead of a bow you could tape one of those toothpicks with the curly cellophane end onto the top bun. Basically you Cheeseburger Gift Wrap Set by Gift CoutureCheeseburger Gift Wrap Set by Gift Couturehave the opportunity to get even more creative with the gift.

The paper is the creation of a company called Gift Couture. They're getting geared up after receiving almost double the amount of funding that they were seeking on Kickstarter back at the first of January. While the set of six sheets of gift wrap is a bit pricey at $20, the product is popular enough to be sold out currently. There is no word on when it will be available again.

Add-on purchases should be available in bacon, onions, mushrooms, and guacamole to allow for a little additional personalization. Perhaps they could also create some ketchup, mustard, and pickle stickers for extra fun. They've got an idea here that they can really run with. Next up they could do seven layer dip or lasagna.

I'm thinking that they are out of stock because it was all bought up by one of those Lolcats so they can has  cheezburger.

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Cheeseburger Gift Wrap Set by Gift CoutureCheeseburger Gift Wrap Set by Gift Couture

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