I Can See Your Halo – And It Looks Toasty

From designers Burcu Bag, Amalia Monica & Vinay Raj Somashekar comes the Halo flexible toaster concept.  


Sure, toasters are great, but their design hasn’t changed much in the last 50 years. In many cases, toasters are bulky, crummy, and just generally unattractive, but many of us resist tossing them because “they still work”.   On a side note here – recycle these poor toasty bastards if you can – our landfills are top-filled enough.

In an effort to create a more future-friendly alternative, our bread-benefiting designers have created the Halo toaster concept to help make best use of your counter space and also show off to your friends just how cool you really are.  At first glance, the Halo looks like a thin griddle, with a black heating surface and gunmetal grey border.

But that just wouldn’t be future-awesome enough – instead, the Halo is flexible, allowing toast to be placed on one half of the sheet and the second half folded on top to create a fully encompassing toast experience.  


Oh sure, that’s cool – and you’d probably be pretty damn happy if that was all your toaster did.  But wait! There’s more!  Instead of simply having a timer or leaving you to smell the acrid stab of burnt toast, the Halo includes a unique way to ensure that your bread comes out golden-brown every time.

When the bread is folded into the Halo, a blue outline will appear when the bread is located. As the process from “bread” to “toast” occurs, the outline will turn red. The darker the red, the toastier the toast.   


Halo toaster: showing you when toastiness has been achieved.Halo toaster: showing you when toastiness has been achieved. 



Turning on the toaster is as simple as pressing a button, and when it has finished its task, it can easily be rolled up and tucked away or hung on a wall.  


This is a design concept only – and there are a number of potential issues – mostly the “oh god my hands” problem if the Halo mat isn’t properly insulated, not to mention concerns about how the toaster will have to be cleaned, but this is still a potential revolution in toast processing.

Manufactured and marketed correctly, this concept could be the bread and butter of these budding design gurus.  


Source: Yanko Design