I Did It 'MyCityWay," One-Stop-Shop Location-Based Social Portal For Cities

Perhaps the founders of the new location-based mobile portal should add theme music to their new application or maybe they were inspired by Sinatra's song classics, "My Way," and "New York, New York."  Because this new travel "super" API is certainly becoming an overnight hit by the location-based crowd. MyCityWay is sort of like a destination-navigator aggregator for cities worldwide and NYC is just one of 40 locations in their sights.

With open-source government data becoming more and more accessible in major cities around the world,  MyCityApp NYC Big AppNYC Big Apphas developed city apps to mine that data for both residents and tourists. Named Top 5 Travel App for 2010 by major publications,and winner of 3 Awards at NYC Big Apps, MyCityWay is described as "location-awareness guidebook" soon to be available for all major cities throughout the world.

With more than 50 hyper-local apps rolled into each city-specific guide, MyCItyWay is a one-stop-shop platform to discover, interact and share information pertaining to what's unique for each metropolitan destination.

Currently the free apps are available in NYC, San Francisco, Las Vegas, LA, Washington DC, Boston  and London – they are being used by a diverse demographic in a variety of innovative ways. Available for iPhones, iPods, iPads, and Androids – the NYCWay application has already been used by over 250,000 users, and have the capability of integrating with social graphs including Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare of custom mash-ups.

Users can direct any of the city apps to either find your current location via GPS or by zip code. In return it generates location-specific information about nearby parks, museums, restaurants, nightlife, stores, and other area attractions and points of interest. This feature alone is valuable, but what distinguishes these apps from some of the other location-based services is its inventory of microapps - at least 50 per city.

NYCWayNYCWayFor example, in Manhattan, it's easy to track down lunch fare served off of NYC's myriad number of food carts. As the slogan goes, "they have an app for that," where users will be directed to the carts’ specific avenue and cross street location.

The Events tab updates time-sensitive gatherings by letting you know what’s happening in the vicinity where you are walking or traveling by car. Other resources feature transit schedules, public restroom, WiFi locators, dining reviews, upcoming local event information,ticketing, city landmarks, tour bookings, rating tools, local news, apartment and job listings, classified ads, live traffic reports … and the list goes on.

Puneet Mehta, Archana Patchirajan & Sonpreet BhatiaPuneet Mehta, Archana Patchirajan & Sonpreet BhatiaAfter its successful debut at the NYC Big Apps Competition, My City Way co-founders Puneet Mehta, Archana Patchirajan and Sonpreet Bhatia left their jobs on Wall Street to launch this startup. In their words, “Watch while we transform the world one city at a time!”  They have currently addressed a need that in time, I'm sure Google, Facebook or one of the other big boys might be wanting to acquire and blend into their own location-based social networks.

And I'm sure if "Old Blue Eyes" was still around, he'd be singing their praises as well.