I Feel Stamp Kit: Just Put on a Happy Face

Anytime you head over to a fair or carnival, many kids make a mad dash to the face painting area! After all, who doesn't love having all sorts of silly designs and fancy motifs painted on ones face?

Well, now the kids can paint their faces, or each others, anytime they want with the I Feel  Stamp Kit by Alex. A great indoor or outdoor project that is not only fun, but is artsy and creative at the same time!  Use the stamps on coloring or printable projects too.

I Feel Stamp KitI Feel Stamp Kit

The kit includes 8 over-sized fun stamps. From the happiest of happy faces, to downright grumpy or sad, the kit also includes a washable ink pad in a handy carrying case. Besides the obvious fun factor, children who have trouble expressing their feelings will really enjoy this kit. No words are needed - just stamp away.

The kit includes small parts and is not recommended for children under 3. The I Feel Stamp Kit retails for around $10.

Source and Photo: Alex and Amazon

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