I Love Big Butt Backpack

Do you love big butts and want to show your love around everywhere you go?

Then you surely will want to lug around these “female form” inspired backpacks dubbed “The Peach” by Yen-Hsiang Skeet Wang. Wonder why he called it the peach?

The artist says he liked the juxtaposition of the erotic female form with something totally unrelated so I guess he thought...hmmmm, I wonder how good a butt would look as a backpack.

Me, I like the idea of having something really fun to look at while I am on the hiking trail or in the college cafeteria. If I saw this around campus, I would surely go and follow it everywhere.

For the ladies out there concerned about having a big ass, I promise you that if you wear this backpack around, no one will be looking at your fat ass. It's called effective camouflage.

I think it is a great idea! Dare I suggest, perhaps the best backpack ever?