iBag2 Puts Your Spending On Lockdown When You Lose Your Resolve

 The iBag2 Reduces Spending: Smart bag that keeps your budget in check (image via finder.com)The iBag2 Reduces Spending: Smart bag that keeps your budget in check (image via finder.com)


Most of us are guilty at one point or another of overspending. It’s tough to deny our desires, even when we know we can’t afford them. Instant gratification has become such a part of our lives that we’ve nearly been able to completely sweep under the rug the fact that it’s a less than flattering trait we shouldn’t be nurturing. It’s the “I don’t care, I want it” feeling more and more of us are indulging, and it seems almost normal now, if our national credit card debt statistics are any indication. Well, now there’s a bag that aims to help you when your resolve weakens and you’re teetering on the edge of blowing money you just don’t have. Yeah, being a responsible adult sucks sometimes, but the iBag2 can help with that.

Good Cop, Bad Cop

Now, you don’t have to play bad cop with yourself anymore, because your purse will do it for you. While this takes the onus off you to be responsible to some extent, you’re still playing the role of accountable adult by purchasing one in the first place, if you do. So, what exactly is the iBag2 and how does it work? First off, it’s a wearable to curb spending that uses lights, vibration and a self-locking feature to help remind shoppers of their goals. This helps consumers steer clear from unplanned purchases that are not priorities. Obviously, not all unplanned purchases are frivolous. You never know when your washer will bust or your car battery will die and you need to replace it, but that great pair of shoes or watch you’ve seen in ads and now run across at the mall are not necessities that trump your other expenses.

iBag2 Features

The iBag is full of features to keep you on your conscientious course by offering users of the product the ability to lockdown spending during times they’ve identified as personal trouble zones. It accomplishes this through a timer that’s connected to electromagnets that “lock the bag according to your most vulnerable spending moments during the course of a day.” It also comes with GPS tracking that warns users through a system of bright amber lights and vibration when they’re coming up on one of their pre-programmed vulnerable spending zones. If you don’t heed the warning, the locking function automatically kicks in if you continue to forge ahead toward your so-called danger zone (cue Kenny Loggins).

Honesty is the Best Policy

You know your weaknesses, so it’s easy to program, if you’re honest with yourself. Why bother using it if you’re not honest about it, though? Another cool feature is the inclusion of a RFID system that’s connected to a set of LED lights and vibrating motors that light up bright blue and vibrate every time you remove your wallet as a “discreet reminder” of your spending goals. I’m not sure how “discreet” glaring lights and vibration truly are in public, but it gets the point across that you should really take a moment to ponder your next purchase. Pretty dang smart, even if it is a bit embarrassing.

Bluetooth & Reminders

Besides rattling your cage every time you run the risk of running afoul of your savings goals, the iBag2 can offer you reminders every two hours via yellow lights and more vibration that it’s time to do whatever it is you needed reminding of and alert your smartphone through an accompanying app if the bag is a certain distance away from you through a handy Bluetooth tracking tile. All of this is accomplished through an Arduino Uno microprocessor and a 10,000 mAh power bank incorporated into the smart bag. At this point there’s only a ladies' version, but according to finder.com they are in the research and design phase for a men’s version of the iBag2, with a prototype scheduled for release in December 2016. You can visit the site for more information.