IBIS Enters Robot Surgery



We’ve talked about robot surgery in the past, with some of its benefits and its risks for the patients who are using it for surgery. For a lot of different physicians the da Vinci has been the first name in robot surgery. That may change. The robot surgical tools are now not only under some scrutiny because of safety issues when they are used for hysterectomies. Now they also have a new competitor.


A team at the Tokyo Institute of Technology has created a robot surgical system, known as IBIS that is designed to undertake the same function. In addition the robot is also quite inexpensive. The bot come in at about one third the cost of its best-known competitor’s cost. Though some systems offered are expected to be as little as a tenth of the da Vinci’s cost, but they are likely to have limited applications.


Only time will tell if IBIS can take the top spot in robot surgery.


Source: Engadget

Image: Morgue File