Can You Beerlieve It? The New Self-Cooling Beer

Truly a new beer gadget like no other, the I.C Can from Tempra Technology and Crown Holdings is set to put a smile on the faces of beer drinkers everywhere. Yep, when a new beer invention takes 20 years to perfect, you know that good, and insanely cold things are going to happen. Sick of waiting for what seems like an eternity for a cold beer? Prepare to be sick no longer!

Have you ever purchased a cold beer and sat for hours pulling out your hair whilst it cools? Well worry not, because Tempra Technology, together with Crown Holdings, may have just solved your problems, and saved your hair.

 A colder futureA colder future

The I.C Can uses bafflingly simple water evaporation technology to cool beer by what creators claim is a minimum of 30 degrees Farenheit, or 16.7 degrees Celsius. With a cooling time of only 4 minutes, we may be on the verge of a new and colder world, potentially making beer coolers and painfully slow fridges a thing of the past.

 Coming to a mouth near youComing to a mouth near you

Curious about the cooling cogs behind cold (fridgeless) beer? The innovative and groundbreaking nature of this product stems from recent advances in thermal, insulating and vacuum heat pump technology. The I.C Can is fitted with a beer thirsty absorber, also known as an evaporator. This device contains a special gel and sucks heat out of the warm beer which surrounds it. The heat is then drawn out of the evaporator via a vacuum, and is absorbed by magical little granules known as desiccant granules which are located in the bottom of the I.C Can.

 The inner workingsThe inner workings

In addition to its impressive ingenuity, the creators of I.C Can are also adamant that their product is 100% safe and environmentally friendly. But best of all? Early indications are that the beer-transforming I.C Can will burn no bigger hole in your pocket than if you were to buy any shop-bought cold beer.

Source: I.C Can

EDITOR'S NOTE: While we wait for the I.C. Can to become available for purchase, take a look at what is currently available as can coolers and chillers today.

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