Ice Cold Snow Sauna

We have all heard about the benefits of hot and cold therapy. How standing under a sting hot shower for a few minutes and then turning the knob to ice cold increases the flow of blood to all parts of the body, how alternately splashing hot and cold water on the face while washing gives an instant glow...and more like these.

But the Snow Room is set to take the entire theory to a COOLER context.

The Snow Room was showcased at a recent Hotel Equipment Fair in the sunny resort of Antalya, Turkey, plans are underfoot to launch it in premier luxury hotels and spas in 2008.

The Snow Room, a ten-degrees-below-zero "spa" is a creation by the MNK Group, normally associated with the manufacture of saunas.

Company briefs speak about the benefits of a hot-cold therapy, pointing out that it is a common practice in north European countries.

With the summer upon us, I would love to get into one of these, but the thought of spending time in 10 below zero temperatures is kind of daunting.