Ice Cube Tray With A Polar Bear Twist

This new style of ice tray has a definite twist. First of all it looks like a polar bear that was the victim of a genetic experiment that went horribly wrong what with ten legs and a snout that looks more like it came from a pig. Second, it is a cool idea for those of us who don't have an icemaker built into our refrigerator or freezer.

Polar Bear Ice Cube TrayPolar Bear Ice Cube Tray

The true advantages of this design lie in making freezing ice cubes just a little easier -- and neater. With the way you fill the tray keeps you from over-filing. You pour water in the bear's mouth and any excess gets "peed" out the snowflake on the bear's hind end. So you won't be spilling excess water all over the freezer or trying to pour off the excess and then not having enough.

Polar Bear Ice Cube Tray InstructionsPolar Bear Ice Cube Tray Instructions

Once the water has frozen, you just crack the bear on the counter (after checking to make sure PETA isn't watching) to loosen the cubes. There are no ice chips flying all over the kitchen thanks to the enclosed design. Open the bear's nose and pour your cubes into your waiting glass.

Then replace the lid and place back in the freezer to store the remaining cubes. It seems that having a lid on this ice tray means that you have an extra shot at keeping stray odors out of your ice. After all, no one wants ice cubes that taste like your famous onion dip, no matter how good it is. It also keeps any stray food debris out of the ice.

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