ICEdot Clip-On Crash Sensor Could Save Your Life

Bike CrashBike Crash

A crash is virtually an inevitability in cycling, dirt biking, ATV riding, snowmobiling and other activities of the like, and sometimes a crash can leave a rider incapacitated. With no way to contact help in an emergency, the threat of death is real. Enter the ICEdot crash sensor. This clip-on sensor, small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, can contact your emergency contacts and give them your GPS coordinates even if you're out of commission.


The Crash Sensor mounts onto any helmet and is able to detect changes in motion and force. It connects to you smartphone via an ICEdot app. If you should ever be unfortunate to have a horrible crash (knock wood), the ICEdot sensor will sound an alarm over low-energy Bluetooth and initiate an emergency countdown. If you're ok and able to stop the alarm, nothing happens, but if the countdown reaches zero, then your emergency contacts are notified and sent the GPS coordinates of the crash. 

ICEdot AppICEdot App

You can also load your emergency information into your profile on the app, so emergency responders can use it if needed. The responders can access that information by sending a text with the PIN found on the ICEdot to the number specified and then they get a response text with your emergency information. 

At about $150 the ICEdot Crash Sensor is an affordable life-saving gadget. The ICEdot system is also available in a snap on device, and there is more information on the ICEdot site. You can also read reviews and get this awesome product through Amazon

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