ICON Dodge Power Wagon Crew Cab: Guts & Glory Revisited

The Dodge Power Wagon is an iconic 4x4 with roots going back to Dodge's WC series World War II military trucks.

It seems only natural, therefore, that ICON Inc of Chatsworth, CA is offering a fully modernized 1964 Hemi-powered Power Wagon that picks up, so to speak, where this classic Crew Cab left off.

ICON's founder and owner, Jonathan Ward, established the company with a mission to “revisit a wide range of transportation legends in a modern context.”

The concept has been applied to electrified board-racing motorbikes, jeeps and jeep-like vehicles of the post-war era, and vintage cruising machines including a 1948 Chrysler Windsor 3-Window Coupe and a 1961 Chevy Biscayne Flat Top.

With the '64 Power Wagon, ICON applied the KISS (keep it simple, stupid) principle respecting the original Power Wagon's no-nonsense, git-er-done ethos.

Most of the more extreme mods are tucked away where they can't be seen at a casual glance, like a supercharged Hemi engine, Kore-Fox suspension and a ceramic stainless exhaust system.

Inside, the original front & back seat frames and armrests now pack Tempurpedic foam wrapped in red leather. Today's mobile entertainment expectations are satisfied with the discreet installation of an iPad mini matched with Focal speakers and JL Audio amps.

Completing the tough but tender look is a front LED light bar, a coat of VW “Agave Green” paint and a set of matte black 17-inch wheels. Visit ICON's product page for more info.