Need A Hand? How About A "Third Hand?"


The Third Hand Adjustable Parts Holder With Magnification is really a modest name for this smart gadget. Why "modest?" Because, the Third Hand is really like having four or even five hands!

When I spotted the Third Hand at, I thought about how many projects I wouldn't have botched if I had had one sooner. Replacing a crystal in a piece of jewelry, putting a screw in my eyeglasses, soldering small metal pieces onto a prototype, even taking out a splinter in my finger... Oh, the Third Hand Adjustable Parts Holder With Magnification will come in very handy!

Look at what it does....

There's a 2 inch magnifying glass that's adjustable, and then two rotating alligator clip jaws so the Third Hand can either hold up both sides of a larger item ...


or it can hold two separate items.

This gives the user back his own hands to glue or solder or clip or staple... whatever a process calls for. Great for hobbies like model building, for circuit board work, or prototyping, repair... Really the Third Hand would be handy in just about any arena. Now wouldn't a Third Hand be great to have around when you need it? (An extra hand would also make a great holiday gift!) Sweet at for just $7.99!
Oct 31, 2008
by Anonymous


I have two of these and they are pretty crappy.

Nov 3, 2008
by Anonymous


this must be one of the oldest inventions ever....
how did this end up here?