The iDish - For Apple iPads So Clean You Can Eat Off Them

Tired of washing dirty dishes? Ever wish you could, say, delete them? Well now you can - all you need is an Apple iPad and an Internet connection. A Japanese blogger who goes by the handle Shiinaneko decided one day to put the popular tablet computer through its paces, culinary style, and he was thoughtful enough to record his experiments for posterity. He calls it, naturally, the iDish.

Step one: buy your food, preferably just before closing time when Shiinaneko was able to snap up some less-than-fresh raw tuna at a 50% discount. Give him a break, it's not like he's got a government grant to squander.


Bring home the tuna, other assorted sashimi and side dishes - then surf the 'net for your preferred plates and dishes. How about that, not only does he not need to wash the dishes, he doesn't even have to pay for them!

When you've selected the appropriate serving dish, in this case a wood sushi board, use the iPad's touchscreen to size the image and then layer on your sashimi. Shiinaneko advises any imitators to use a clear protective cover for their iPad, which is nice of him. He gives this advice at the END of his post, but still...


Anyway, feel free to swap plates beneath your actual meal until you've found something to make it taste better (remember that 50% discount), and if you've got an Apple iPhone then you can use it as a side dish for soy sauce & wasabi.

Not only will you enhance the effect of eating at a gourmet sushi restaurant, you'll be reminded of the experience every time you make or take a call!


The iDish also comes in handy if you're a bit cash-poor one night and want to, well, photoshop your meal into something a bit more respectable. Find a pricey-looking spread of sushi and/or sashimi by doing a Google, Yahoo or Bing search, then add your miserly portion of 50%-discounted salmon. Dig in, but not too deeply.

The iDish: it's an iPad, only with more taste. (via Shiinaneko, with thanks to Lady Bee for the tip!)