Idling Alternatives Cools Truckers, Save Gas and Help The Planet










Not idling is one of the many good ways to save gas and be more environmentally friendly, but there are few to keep cool on hot days when, for some important reason, you just have to sit in your vehicle and wait. What is the average Jane and Joe to do to not idle and yet stay cool when there is need to stay cool in a vehicle and opening the windows just isn't enough? How about truckers?

Truckers spend hours driving throughout the day. Then when at rest stops they spend hours idling. "The EPA estimates the typical truck idles 2400 hours per year." But can we really blame them though for idling their trucks while they sleep to keep cool on hot summer days? I don't blame them, but I'm sure that with gas prices continuously rising truckers are not too happy about idling themselves.

Take a look at other idling statistics and idling alternatives on Make a Leap .

The good news is that there are a few alternatives for truckers. One popular, but not very available alternative is IdleAire. Truckers stop at IdleAire trucks stops then a big yellow hose is attached to the bunker of the truck. IdleAire is an electric system that pumps cool air into the cab of the truck. Fuel is saved because trucks no longer need to idle while they rest and in addition they can also check the Internet or play video games off the system if they choose. For more information on IdleAire take a look at this video .

Because there are so few IdleAire truck stops available many truckers still have to keep their trucks idling if they want to keep cool while they rest. Luckily another alternative costs about $5500 to install and is suppose to pay for itself in less than a year. It is known as BlueCool and is from Webasto. The main part of the cooling system is a 300-pound black box. This box is "mounted on the truck's frame rail". While the trucker drives refrigerant and some other ingredients form blocks of ice in the icebox. When the trucker stops to rest he turns on the air handler and cold air blows into the cab of his truck. There are no fuel waste or emissions released into the environment and according to the Webasto website it save the trucker money, fuel, reduces emissions and is less wear and tear on the trucks engine. To find out more on how it works take a look at this video  or visit the Webasto website.