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If Beach Is In Your Plans, You Gotta Take The PTATT Tracking Towel


It's a strange name for a beach towel come travel bag, but that's what it is, the "PTATT" (Personal Travel and Adventure Tracking Towel). But don't hold the name against it, it's actually a pretty clever invention. It's been awarded two patents, so far, and it just won the People's Choice Best Invention Award at the 2014 South Florida Inventor's Society Expo in West Palm Beach. So, what is the PTATT and what does it do?

PTATT Personal Travel Towel Bag: image via amazon.comPTATT Personal Travel Towel Bag: image via amazon.com


Very simply, the PTATT is a cotton velour beach towel with pocketed enclosures on the back for your belongs - yes, enough pockets to hold a few paperbacks, your iPad, a couple of water bottles, a camera... and a few more 'secret' pockets to hold your keys, wallet, passport and other small essentials. The PTATT folds up to carry and has handles large enough to swing over your shoulder. You can even use the PTATT as a carry-on.

The PTATT comes in five styles, all with different designs emphasizing beach, surfing, and travel. There's the Kickn' Beaches, Kickn' Scuba, Kickn' Travel, Kickn' Extreme, and Kick'n Surf, shown below.


PTATT 'Kick'n Surf' Personal Travel Towel Bag: image via amazon.comPTATT 'Kick'n Surf' Personal Travel Towel Bag: image via amazon.com


Very conveniently, the PTATT towel bag comes with tethers, bungee cords, and clips so your towel and other belongings won't blow away on the beach or at the pool.  See how it functions in the following video:



The PTATT is a simple idea with a practical purpose, and it looks like it will come in very handy for beach-goers and travelers this summer!




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