If Kinetic Sand Isn't On Your Kid's Christmas List, It Should Be

Watch closely as your child makes his or her Christmas list this year. If for some reason they don’t have Kinetic Sand on their list, be sure to add it. Add some to your list too. Kinetic Sand is not quite playdough but it’s just as much fun. Kinetic Sand is not just sand but it runs through your fingers just as easily. It’s like nothing your child has played with before. And it’s so much fun and addicting, you’ll want to play too.

Delta of Sweden created Moon Sand several years ago. They have recently invented a more addictive, fluffy, and fun way to play with sand. Kinetic Sand is 98% sand and 2% non-toxic polymer with fluid like qualities. But there is no fluid in Kinetic Sand so it is bacteria resistant. It’s also wheat, gluten, and casein free—perfect for kids with skin sensitivities or who have allergies and like to taste whatever they are playing with.

Just like its name implies, Kinetic Sand is sand in motion. While playing with it, Kinetic Sand moves on its own. Kids can shape, build, and manipulate Kinetic Sand and then watch and feel as it shifts and melts into something else.

Kinetic Sand is sold by several different companies, but the two best-selling Kinetic Sand products on both Amazon and Fat Brain Toys are from Spin Master and Waba Fun. It’s not the cheapest way to keep your kids entertained on cold or rainy days—or any day—but it’s worth every penny. Kinetic Sand comes in fun neon colors, like in the Kinetic Sand Sandbox and Molds Activity Set, but the best value is in the sand colored 11 lb. box of Kinetic Sand.

The suggested age for play is three-years-old and up, but with supervision I will let my 18-month-old boys play with Kinetic Sand. Keeping them out of anything their big sister is into is nearly impossible, and this is a great way to get them all involved in one activity. Kinetic Sand never dries out and only sticks to itself, which means cleanup should be easy. Easy is a relative term in our house and with my boys playing with it, cleanup may be a bit harder—think sand in their hair and on the floor—but with some guidance, having all of my kids happily playing in one spot is worth a little cleanup.

Kinetic Sand will keep your kids happy and occupied, while simultaneously stimulating their creativity, relaxing their bodies, and reducing stress. Kinetic Sand is perfect for home, school, and therapy. And it’s really cool. If it’s is not on your child’s Christmas list, put it there. Santa will not disappoint when he puts Kinetic Sand under the tree this year.

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